Function Types

Information about quoteLayerZero function types.

Function types are used to by quoteLayerZeroFee() to get the cross chain message fee.

For standard a Stargate swap(), use function type = 1

// all function types
uint8 public constant TYPE_SWAP_REMOTE            = 1;
uint8 public constant TYPE_ADD_LIQUIDITY          = 2;
uint8 public constant TYPE_REDEEM_LOCAL_CALL_BACK = 3;
uint8 public constant TYPE_WITHDRAW_REMOTE        = 4;

Each of the above types corresponds to a function within Stargate that sends a cross chain message.

  • Type 1: Used for swap()

  • Type 2: Used for addLiquidity()

  • Type 3: Used for the B->A portion of an A->B->A withdrawLocal()

  • Type 4: Use to initiate a withdrawLocal()

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