mint() testnet stablecoins to your wallet with the links below. Then use those tokens forswap()testing.

To use addLiquidity & swap() native ETH use the RouterETH.sol contract instead of Router.sol

Stargate testnet has been redeployed as of 22nd Jan 2024. The old testnet contracts are no longer supported.

There is currently support for the following testnets: Sepolia (Ethereum Testnet), Fuji (Avalanche Testnet), BNB Chain (Testnet), Arbitrum Sepolia (Testnet), Optimism Sepolia (Testnet) and XCHAIN (IDEX Testnet).

Contract Addresses

Sepolia (Ethereum Testnet)

BNB Chain (Testnet)

Fuji (Avalanche Testnet)

Arbitrum-Sepolia (Testnet)

Optimism-Sepolia (Testnet)


  • chainId: 10237

  • Router.sol: 0x7a33a93cc6de8daC0E0340C34E36493F2363C58C

  • RouterETH.sol: 0x5D8f00207C315F8ceedBC6c15f49B7a6F06bfb27

  • Bridge.sol: 0x8487f8eB781d1B6d1eC69498aFecF2fedB22869e

  • Factory.sol: 0xCEA8c2b17923c5317A10cab4e0e2662eB72DBE2d

  • StargateToken: 0xb75aed2B36A8D5b58Edcdf0a3f9Fef74fbd8aAF4

  • StargateEthVault: 0xc5eFf14903f4D253923a3eB198F69B9f0Ac10534

  • StargateFeeLibraryV07.sol: 0xc99BcD83C6726c55E9c1e7A5572132139aABC922

  • StargateComposer.sol: 0x5bd83cFd936ee3B36ad917d741634C8fD1368Bce

The following are no longer supported as of January 23rd 2024.

Goerli (Ethereum Testnet)

  • chainId: 10121

Arbitrum-Goerli (Testnet)

  • chainId: 10143

Optimism-Goerli (Testnet)​

  • chainId: 10132

Mumbai (Polygon Testnet)

  • chainId: 10109

Fantom (Testnet) ​

  • chainId: 10112

Metis (Testnet) ​

  • chainId: 10151

Linea (ConsenSys zkEVM - Testnet)

  • chainId: 10157

Polygon zkEVM (Testnet)

  • chainId: 10158

Base (Testnet)

  • chainId: 10160

The following testnets are no longer supported as of October 5th 2022:

Rinkeby (Ethereum Testnet) ​

  • chainId: 10101

Arbitrum-Rinkeby (Testnet)

  • chainId: 10110

Optimism-Kovan (Testnet) ​

  • chainId: 10111

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