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Launch Date: March 17th, 2022 12 PM EST

Stargate Protocol Launch Details

Join the Stargate protocol & launch omnichain DeFi. The launch is separated into 2 different phases:
  • Launch Auction - Bootstrapping an STG-USDC pool on Ethereum
  • Bonding - Building protocol owned liquidity with Stargate

Phase 1: Launch Auction

Swap USDC for STG to create STG-USDC DEX liquidity.

How it works:
  • The launch auction will remain open for 48 hrs or until 25M USDC is added to the launch auction contract, whichever occurs first.
  • 10% of the STG token supply will be auctioned and are locked for 1-year and unlock linearly over 6 months thereafter.
  • This liquidity plus an additional 5% of the STG supply will bootstrap the STG-USDC Curve pair and will be protocol owned.
  • Because their STG is locked, contributors will receive aSTG, which represents their ownership share of the 10% STG token. Here's how contributors can calculate their share of the auction:
    • (Contributor aSTG balance / Total aSTG balance) * 100M STG = contributor STG balance
  • While their STG is locked, contributors will also receive veSTG (voting escrow STG). Learn more on Stargate governance.
  • Once the launch auction closes:
    • The STG-USDC Curve pair will go live.
    • The bonding phase will begin.

Phase 2: Bonding

Add stablecoin to Stargate bonding curves and receive STG tokens while building Stargate’s protocol owned liquidity.
How it works:
  • 15.95% of the STG supply will go towards 12 STG bonding curves.
  • The initial bonding price will be the opening STG price on the STG-USDC Curve pool.
  • The bonding price will increase linearly as contributors purchase STG tokens on individual chains.
  • Unlike the Auction, contributors will receive their STG tokens immediately.
  • Bonding curves will stay open for 72 hours or until STG reaches 3x the opening bonding price, whichever occurs first.
  • Token allocations across all chains are:
    • Ethereum - 40M STG
    • BNB - 22M STG
    • Avalanche - 27M STG
    • Polygon - 27M STG
    • Fantom - 22.5M STG
    • Arbitrum - 13M STG
    • Optimism - 8M STG