Community Auction

Auction Date: March 30, 2022


The Community Auction is intended to extend the STG holder base to those who missed the Launch Auction and broaden participation in governance long-term.


Wallets that pre-approved the Stargate Launch Auction or bonded before March 17, 2022 at 21:22 UTC are eligible to buy STG at the price of $0.25 with the original Launch Auction terms (STG locked for 1 year and unlocking linearly for 6 months thereafter). Round 1 will last 48 hours.

Eligible amounts: Pre-approved only or Pre-approved + Bonded: 18,657 STG. Bonded: 4,668 STG.

The Community Auction has two rounds. Any unsold STG during round 1 can be purchased in round 2 by round 1 participants who purchased their maximum round 1 allocation. Post-auction, any remaining Community Auction STG and all USDC received will be protocol-controlled.

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