Use Stargate to transfer native assets across blockchains.


Use transfer to swap 1:1 native assets across different chains.

  • Example: Swap USDC on Ethereum for USDT on BNB

How to Complete Transfers

  1. Connect your wallet to Stargate.

  2. Select Transfer in the navigation bar.

  3. Select the Token, From Network, To Network & Total Amount.

    *If you're From Network is not the active network in your wallet, select Switch Network to update your wallet's network

  4. Click Approve.

You can also use Transfer to move STG tokens cross-chain. There is no protocol transfer fee associated to these swaps. The user will only pay gas fees associated to these transactions.

Transfer Fees & How They Work

Each non-STG token transfer has a .06% fee. Additionally, Stargate transfers may incur a pool rebalance fee depending on how imbalanced the source & destination transfer pools are with respect to pool equilibrium weights. STG tokens transfers do not incur a pool rebalancing fee.

Click here to learn more about the Stargate Protocol's tokenomics.

Native Gas Delivery Transfer to Destination Network

Stargate offers users the option to specify an amount of native gas from the Source Network, and delivered to the Destination Network when completing a transfer.

When performing a transfer, click on the Advanced Settings in the top right corner in the Transfer window. Users can specify the amount of Destination Gas you wish to receive. There are four options the user can choose:

  • None: No native gas will be included in the Transfer

  • Default: This amount will be enough to perform a couple of transactions (e.g. Approve and Swap) based on the average gas price on the Destination Network at that time.

  • Maximum: The protocol has set a maximum delivery amount.

  • Custom: The user will be able to specify between None and the Maximum amount.

Once the user initiates and approves the transfer in their wallet, the specified native gas amount to be delivered on the Destination Network will be shown and included in the total gas cost of the transaction. Users should expect to see higher than normal gas costs for this transaction as this all bundled together.

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