Proposals & Voting

Stargate is governed entirely by Stargate token holders via voting escrow.


Changes to the Stargate protocol must go through the Community Forum with a proposal. Proposals can be discussed in the Forum to gain sentiment and classified as "Core" and "Protocol".

Core Proposals

Core Proposal include changes to the governance process itself and Multisig. These proposal are material to the governance process or major structural changes and, as such, carry higher quorum and support thresholds.

  • Quorum Threshold: 10%

  • Support Threshold: 80%

Protocol Proposals

Protocol proposals include all other changes to the Stargate protocol, including parameter changes (e.g., changing fee structures, changing Stargate Unified Liquidity Pool connections & weights), protocol code changes, and protocol treasury allocations.

  • Quorum Threshold: 2.5%

  • Support Threshold: 70%

The Voting Process

The voting process is designed to drive discussion for all proposals, which are then effectuated upon community approval and voting. Proposals must adhere to the below governance process.

  • Proposal Stage

    All STG Token holder are eligible to submit non-binding proposals, which may result in a governance vote by holders of veSTG voting power.

  • Voting

    Proposals with a positive poll sentiment can be submitted to Snapshot by any holder of 50,000 veSTG, or from Admin wallets on Snapshot. Core and Protocol proposals have voting periods ranging between 24 hours & 120 hours.

Proposal Blocktimes

Note: When voting on a proposal, an STG holder's voting power equals the holder's veSTG balance at the blocktime the proposal was submitted. As such, any veSTG acquired after the submission of a proposal cannot be used to vote on the proposal.

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