Governance Model

Stargate is governed entirely by Stargate token holders via voting escrow.

Stargate DAO

Governance is vital to the decentralization and autonomy of the Stargate protocol. Governance determines all Stargate network and incentives matters, including protocol development, integrations, tokenomics, and the distribution of emissions to stablecoin liquidity providers.

Voting Power

Time Weighted Voting

Time-weighted voting is used to provide long-term Stargate token holders greater governance weight and control of the Stargate protocol.

veSTG is the unit of Stargate governance voting power. It is received by staking locked Stargate tokens and is non-transferable. The veSTG balance decays linearly as the remaining time until the staked or locked STG unlock decreases.

Launch Auction and Team & Investor Weighting

Launch Auction and Team & Investor STG tokens receive veSTG equal to the weighted-average duration of their token lockup. This normalizes these veSTG balances with the voting escrow model.

Launch Auction STG tokens receive veSTG equal to a 15 month lock up.

Team & Investor STG tokens receive veSTG equal to a 24 month lockup.


From time to time, a vote may require a change to the Stargate protocol or its treasury that requires action via multisig. A multisig of trusted group of community that is responsible for signing on behalf of STG holders and must strictly adhere to any directives given via the governance process.

Stargate Foundation

The Stargate Foundation is dedicated to supporting the growth, development, and sustainability of the Stargate protocol. Their efforts will include:

  • Community-led initiatives, including grants to contributors

  • Partnerships with other DeFi & crypto organizations

  • Marketing & communication initiatives

  • Day to day operations and maintenance of the Stargate protocol

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