Stargate offers two different transfer modes: Economy (Bus) and Fast (Taxi).

What is the Stargate Bus?

The Stargate Bus provides an economy method to batch transactions on the same pathway. By aggregating multiple transactions into a single batch, a Stargate Bus distributes messaging costs among all participating users.

What is the Stargate Taxi?

The Stargate Taxi provides a speedy transaction method through direct, one-to-one transactions.

A Stargate Taxi transaction can be initiated regardless of the Shuttle’s current occupancy, allowing users the flexibility to bypass the batching process for immediate transaction processing.

How to make a transfer?

STEP 1 Connect your wallet

Connect your wallet by clicking “Connect Wallet”, choose the wallet that works for you.

STEP 2 Select transfer mode and transfer the token
  • Select tokens

  • Select networks

  • Enter amount to be transferred

  • Select the transfer mode between Fast and Economy

  • Click Transfer

OPTIONAL STEP Set gas on destination

If you need native tokens on the destination network to facilitate other transactions, such as local swaps, you can use this option. For Bus Transfers, only the default amount is permitted, whereas the taxi option allows for a custom amount.

  • Go to Advanced Settings, or click "Add" in the Gas on destination section

  • Click "Medium" and close the Setting

  • Go back to the transfer window to complete the transaction

Bus ModeTaxi Mode

Only "Medium" option is available

Custom amount is allowed

OPTIONAL STEP Set a different wallet to receive the tokens

If you'd like to transfer the tokens to a different wallet address, you can choose this option; Or if you'd like to use multi-sig wallet for a transfer, you can use this option because the multi-sig wallet may have different addresses on different network.

STEP 3 Confirm transaction in the Wallet

After you click Transfer on STEP 2, Confirm your transactions on your wallet Notification window.

STEP 4 Track transactions

Once signing process is complete in the wallet, you can track the transactions using two approaches:

  • Track through the Stargate UI

  • Monitor via LayerZero Scan

Bus transactions will generate a transaction on the source only after you confirm the transaction in the wallet, unless you are the final rider on that bus. The LayerZero transaction will become available only once the bus is dispatched.

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